Discover Latin America with Loro Trips

Loro Trips enables you to have a very personal stay in Latin America. We organize adventure trips to Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize, Honduras and Panama for groups and individual travelers. We also specialize in language stays in Central America. We work with longstanding professionals in the country to not only make your travel experience very special, but also to promote sustainable tourism development. Our offer also includes Nicaragua excursions for students from various disciplines.

Since 2016 we have also been offering a tour on the traces of fair trade in cooperation with the „EZA Fairer Handel“. We organize themed trips with special focuses and enable you to have your individual adventure in Central America. Social travel is important to us, which is why we pay attention to local management and a sustainable and social orientation of our partner companies. Our employee Wilberth and our local experts are available on site for information, service and bookings.